Quality Policy
Process & Equipments
Process And Equipments
Plant Area :
  Land 66,000 sq. feet
  Plant & Building 25,500 sq. feet
  No. of Employee 60
Process & Equipment :
The efficient & committed developments and versatile range of multipurpose equipment give CHEMCRUX the capability for the development and execution of various processes.
High Pressure Oxidation
Chloro Sulphonation
are the specialty of this business unit, other than Amidation and Acetylation


Reactors High Pressure S.S.Autoclaves – 1 KL to 5 KL 
Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Glasslined Reactors  - 0.25 KL to 7 KL
Pilot Plant units - 0.5 kg to 100 kg
Collectors Stainless Steel, Fiber Reinforced & HDPE – upto 10 KL
Filteration & Separation   Centrifuges – S.S., S.S. FRP & MSRL
Neutch Filters – S.S., MS, MS FRP & MSRL
Agitated Neutch Filters(ANF) – S.S.
Filter Press - PP
Sparklers – S.S.
Dryers Fluid Bed Dryers & Tray dryers
Pulverisers Blender S.S. 5 KL
Utilities Steam Boilers, Oil Heating unit, Water Softner Plant
Cooling Towers, Chilling plant, Power Generator, Air Compressors,Multiple Effect Evaporator(MEE), R O Plant
Effluent Treatment Plant:
  For Liquid Effluents
  - Primary Treatment Plant
  - Secondary Treatment Plant
  - Tertiary Treatment Plant
  For Gaseous Effluents
  - Absorption Towers
  For Solid Effluents
  - Solid Waste Storage & Disposal System