Notices outcomes

1Outcome - Board Meeting 06th May 2024Link
2 Notice - Board Meeting on 06th May 2024Link
3Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
4Outcome - Board Meeting 13th February 2024Link
5Notice - Board Meeting on 13th February 2024Link
6Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
7Outcome - Board Meeting 09th November 2023Link
8Notice - Board Meeting on 09th November 2023Link
9Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
10Outcome of 27th AGM -12/09/2023Link
11Appointment of Statutory AuditorsLink
12Voting Results & Scrutinizer's Report - 27th AGMLink
13Appointment & Re-appointment of Directors at 27th AGMLink
14Record Date for Final Dividend - FY 2022-23Link
1527th AGM -Evoting schedule intimationLink
16Notice 27th AGM - 12th September 2023Link
17Outcome - Board Meeting 04th August 2023Link
18Notice - Board Meeting on 04th August 2023Link
19Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
20Outcome - Board Meeting 20th May 2023Link
21Notice - Board Meeting on 20th May 2023Link
22Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
23Outcome - Board Meeting 13th February 2023Link
24Notice- Board Meeting on 13th February 2023Link
25Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
26Outcome - Board Meeting 12th November 2022Link
27Notice- Board Meeting on 12th November 2022Link
28Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
29Outcome of 26th AGM -23/09/2022Link
30Regularisation of Mukund Bakshi (ID) at 26th AGM -Appointment for 5 yearsLink
31Voting Results & Scrutinizer's Report - 26th AGMLink
32Final Dividend for 31.03.2022 -Record DateLink
3326th AGM -Evoting schedule intimationLink
34Notice- 26th AGM on 23rd September 2022Link
35Outcome - Board Meeting 12th August 2022Link
36Notice- Board Meeting on 12th August 2022Link
37Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
38Outcome - Board Meeting 20th May 2022Link
39Notice- Board Meeting on 20th May 2022Link
40Postal Ballot Voting Results with Scrutinizer's reportLink
41Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
42Notice of Postal Ballot- 19th February, 2022Link
43Outcome of the Board Meeting held on 19th February 2022.Link
44Intimation of Board Meeting to be held on 19th February 2022Link
45Outcome - Board Meeting 01st November 2021Link
46Notice- Board Meeting on 1st November 2021Link
47Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
48Allotment of Bonus shares & other mattersLink
49Notice - Record Date for BonusLink
50Voting Results & Scrutinizer's Report - 25th AGMLink
51Outcome - 25th AGM- 24/08/2021Link
52Clarification relating to Book ClosureLink
53Notice 25th AGM - 24th August 2021Link
5425th AGM -Evoting schedule intimationLink
55Revised Outcome of Board Meeting held on 23rd July 2021Link
56Outcome of Board Meeting held on 23rd July 2021Link
57Notice- Increase in Authorised Share Capital, migration to main board and issue of bonus sharesLink
58Outcome - Board Meeting 11th June 2021Link
59Notice - Board Meeting 11th June 2021Link
60Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
61Outcome - Board Meeting November 07, 2020Link
62Notice - Board Meeting November 7, 2020Link
63Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
64Outcome - 24th AGM - 17th August, 2020Link
65Voting Results & Scrutinizer's Report - 24th AGMLink
66Notice - Book Closure Link
67Notice - Record Date and E voting Schedule Link
68Notice- 24th AGM on 17th August, 2020Link
69Outcome - Board Meeting June 16,2020Link
70Notice - Board Meeting June 16, 2020Link
71Outcome - Board Meeting February 27, 2020Link
72Notice - Record Date for Interim DividendLink
73Notice - Board Meeting February 27, 2020Link
74Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
75Outcome - Board Meeting November 14, 2019Link
76Notice -Board Meeting November 14, 2019Link
77Outcome - Board Meeting October 12, 2019Link
78Voting Results & Scrutinizer's Report - 23rd AGMLink
79Outcome - 23rd AGM - 17th September, 2019Link
80Notice 23rd AGM - 17th September 2019Link
81Outcome - Board Meeting August 17, 2019Link
82Outcome - Change in Registered Office Link
83Outcome - Board Meeting May 24, 2019Link
84Notice - Board Meeting May 24, 2019Link
86Outcome-Board Meeting November 14, 2018Link
87Notice -Board Meeting November 14, 2018Link
88Notice - Closure of Trading WindowLink
89Voting Results & Scrutiniser's Report - 22nd AGM Link
90Outcome - 22nd AGM 27th September 2018Link
91Notice - AGM September 27, 2018Link
92Outcome -Board Meeting August 24, 2018Link
93Outcome - Board Meeting May 29, 2018Link
94Notice - Board Meeting May 29, 2018Link
95Outcome - Board Meeting May 8, 2018Link
96Outcome - Board Meeting February 27, 2018Link
97Outcome - Board Meeting November 14, 2017Link
98Notice - Board Meeting November 14, 2017Link
99Outcome - Board Meeting September 7, 2017Link
100Scrutnizer's Report - AGM 2017Link
101Outcome - 21st AGM August 18, 2017Link
102Notice - 21st AGM on August 18, 2017Link
103Board Meeting fixes Record Date Link
104Outcome - Board Meeting July 15, 2017Link
105Notice - Board Meeting July 15, 2017Link
106Outcome - Board Meeting May 30, 2017Link
107Notice - Board Meeting May 30, 2017Link

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