1Audited Financial Results for Quarter and Year ended 31.03.2024Link
2Related Party Transactions 31.03.2024Link
3Quarterly Unaudited Financial Results- 31.12.2023Link
4Quarterly and Half Yearly Unaudited Financial Results- 30.09.2023Link
5Related Party Transactions 30.09.2023Link
6Quarterly Unaudited Financial Results- 30.06.2023Link
7Audited Financial Results for Quarter and Year ended 31.03.2023Link
8Related Party Transactions 31.03.2023Link
9Quarterly Unaudited Financial Results- 31.12.2022Link
10Related Party Transactions 30.09.2022Link
11Half Yearly/ Quarterly Unaudited Financial Results- 30.09.2022Link
12 Quarterly Unaudited Financial Results- 30.06.2022Link
13Audited Financial Results FY 2021-22Link
14Financial Results - Half Yearly Unaudited 30-09-2021Link
15Audited Financial Results for FY 2020-21Link
16Financial Results - Half Yearly Unaudited 30.09.2020Link
17Financial Results - Annual Audited 2019-20Link
18Financial Results - Half Yearly Unaudited 30.09.2019Link
19Financial Results - Annual Audited 2018-19Link
20Financial Results - Half Yearly Unauditef 30.09.2018Link
21Financial Results - Annual Audited 2017-18Link
22Financial Results - Half Yearly Unaudited 30.09.2017Link
23Financial Results - Annual Audited 2016-17Link

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